RealityReader AR

Point and read out loud


As a dedicated developer, I constantly sought innovative methods to improve the world through technology. Motivated by promoting accessibility, I developed RealityReader AR, a project aimed at making the world more interactive and accessible for all, particularly for individuals with reading challenges or visual impairments.


I built the first prototype on Android, which allows users to simply point their device at any text and hear it read out loud in real-time. This augments reality to assist people in better understanding and engaging with their surroundings.
In the future, I envision expanding RealityReader AR's capabilities to accommodate multiple languages, more complex texts, and even full documents. By constantly evolving and refining this groundbreaking technology, I believe we can empower individuals with diverse abilities and create a more inclusive society.


It's hard to select which text needs to be read from a screen and most of the screen readers or AR reader apps miss the main user problem which is to read text in context. Pointing at an object in the real world is a great gesture for that and to only speak out the text which is required to be read.


User pointing at different texts to hear it out loud
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