Immersive cultural learning

MIT Reality Hack 2024 Winner


The project aims to bridge the cultural gap between generations, influenced by the complexities of global mobility and the quest for cultural roots. It seeks to use mixed reality to help individuals explore and reconnect with their heritage, starting with the Chinese experience and planning to expand globally.


@ MIT Media Lab

2 days

5 members (Samuel, Aaditya, Louise, Sunrui, Jamie)

What does it do?

Legacy offers an immersive mixed reality experience via Meta Quest, allowing users to dive into their grandparents' world. It features interactive tasks like dumpling folding, enriching usersโ€™ understanding of their cultural heritage.

How We Built It?

Developed using Unity and Meta Quest 3, Legacy incorporates various tools for asset creation and interaction prototyping. Team collaboration and open communication were key to integrating mixed reality features for an educational and engaging experience.

Challenges We Ran Into

The project faced scope limitations and technical hurdles, including Bezi beta tool issues and Meta Presence Platform integration challenges. A steep learning curve in development setup and SDK navigation was overcome through focused teamwork.


The team's diverse skills facilitated the creation of an educational mixed reality application, fostering cultural immersion. From dumpling making to learning cultural instruments, the experience promotes cultural connection and understanding.

Tools used

Tools used: Unity, Meta Quest 3, Bezi, Blender, and other software for audiovisual editing and 3D modeling, focusing on creating an interactive and cohesive mixed reality experience.

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